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Thread: Question Casting Rod Specs

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    Question Casting Rod Specs

    I want to build a casting rod as a float rod for salmon - for my wife (who fishes with me one week a year) and as a back-up for those times when a centerpin is not the best choice for me on the lower Niagara.
    I don't expect to use this rod in cold weather so I won't need larger guides at the tip. I also want to twist the guides. Since this rod will get light use and since I've invested much in pretty good components for my centerpin float rods, I'm thinking of using an Anglers Roost 12' 7/8 wt spey blank to keep the cost down.
    I could use some guidance from those of you who have build casting float rods on number, size and placement of guides. One book I read on placement of twist guides had them a 0 degrees (top), 90 degrees and 180 degrees (bottom) to accomplish the twist. I'd welcome other opinions.
    I would like to turn a reel seat insert for this rod but I haven't noticed any skeleton casting reel seats on any of the supplier's websites. If anyone can point me to a source, I'd appreciate it.



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