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Thread: Need a new rod

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    Need a new rod

    I want the fasted action rod I can get. Unfortunately down here in the states I am not able to get my hands and wiggle the Canadian companies models. I have heard Ravin's are somewhat fast. I wiggled the Shimano Clarus, and it is just way too noodle like. The loomis glx is close to what I am looking for too but that price is pretty high. With that said do not worry about price I just need suggestions please. Thanks.
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    Fastest rod is like beauty in a woman. Different things to different people. For my two cents a Spey conversion is the answer. GLX is not even in my ballpark.

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    Fastest rod? Well the fastest rod I've fished is a Scott SAS 8wt conversion. Though that rod was actually too fast IMO. As Bill said, the Sage X, Method and One would all make a nice fast action stick. I have an NRX 13' 8/9 I like that has a nice action for heavier leads.

    Ravens are not really a fast rod and they have one of the flimsiest tips on the market.

    Clarus and GLX are both slower action than the Ravens.

    As far as an actual float blank 13' in the 6-10lb range (judging by your like of the GLX) the Batson XST and CTS lineups are faster action rods in general.

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    for a true float blank rainshadow xst 6-10 is the probably one of the best blanks out there in the price range, with a pretty speedy warranty to....iv fished the 11.6 xst 6-10 for many years and it was my goto rod...light and fast with decent power.

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    This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to build a rod. You can build a Batson XST for under $200 and you'll have a damn good rod that you'll be proud to use.

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    Or you can have Mr Wyandot build ya one and it'll be a beauty!

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    Looks like the Echo Pin is the one.
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