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Thread: Looking for New Waders

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    Looking for New Waders

    Looking for a new pair of waders. Looking to get stocking foot breathables. Already got the neos for the dead of winter. Looking to spend under $250.
    Just wonder what the best bang for the buck is between quality and warranty at the price.
    Was set on LL Bean but heard they won't be offering the life time warranty any longer.
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    You can find Redington Sonic Pro waders for under $250. I've been fishing them hard the last three winters for steelhead with no problems. I really like the fit, they are comfortable and easy to get around in. I like them so much my Patagonia Rio Gallegos are now my backup waders.

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    Check out dryft waders had two of them they were both built real well. Other option I would look at is Simms freestone for the money I hear there not bad.

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